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Build Back Better

Build Back Better is President Biden’s three-part plan to rescue, recover, and rebuild the country. It includes:

The American Rescue Plan: President Biden’s plan to rescue the country from the COVID-19 crisis. It includes providing direct relief to Americans, containing COVID-19, and working towards economic recovery. See more here →

The American Jobs Plan: President Biden’s plan to invest in America by creating millions of good jobs, rebuilding infrastructure, and position the United States to be able to out-compete with China. See more here →

The American Families Plan: President Biden’s exciting once-in-a-generation investment into rebuilding America’s middle class. See more here →


County Chair Laura Bray
County Chair Laura Bray

County Chair Laura Bray

Laura Bray was elected KCDP chair in January 2021. Previously, she served as KCDP Deputy Chair from 2018-2020. She has been a member of the Boerne Area Democrats since the summer of 2017, serving as its Publicity Chair from 2018-2020. Laura regularly contributes to the “Progressive Views” column which runs every-other-week in the Boerne Star. She served as a delegate at the 2016 and 2020 Texas Democratic Convention, and she was a candidate for Delegate to the 2020 Democratic National Convention. She was active in the Hill Country TX-21 Indivisible Group prior to becoming involved with KCDP. She worked on the 2014 campaigns of Wendy Davis and Leticia Van De Putte.

Laura has been a freelance writer and photographer for more than thirty years, focusing on community interest, history, food/wine, travel, and business topics. She also enjoys researching Texas history and her deep east Texas family roots.

Laura is one of the most amazing, dedicated, and hard-working people you will ever meet. She consistently goes above-and-beyond and is always on the lookout for ill-intentioned Republicans. KCDP is lucky to have such a fearless and strong leader.

Deputy County Chair Peg Layton
Deputy County Chair Peg Layton

Deputy County Chair Peg Layton

Peg Layton and her husband, Steve, have lived in Texas for 35 years and moved to a small acreage outside of Boerne in 2002.She enjoyed a career in higher education administration including at several local colleges – Trinity University, UTSA and Schreiner University.

Her involvement with the Kendall County Democrats began as a precinct chair and then Treasurer, as well as Activity Chair with the Boerne Area Democrats.  Peg wants you to know “you won’t find a more welcoming, active group than the Kendall County Democrats.  Join us to help promote Democratic ideals as a part of a dynamic fellowship of like-minded folks.”


United States President Joe Biden
The United States of America President Joe Biden

President Joe Biden

President Joe Biden served as a Senator from Delaware for 36 years; he served as Chairman or Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee for sixteen years. He also served as Chairman or Ranking Member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for 12 years, playing a pivotal role in shaping U.S. foreign policy. He served as Vice President under President Obama, helping him pass the Affordable Care Act and serving as the point person for US diplomacy throughout the Western Hemisphere. Pres. Obama awarded him the nation’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Pres. Biden was born in Pennsylvania and graduated from the University of Delaware and the Syracuse Law School.

Fore more information: WhiteHouse.gov

Vice-President Kamala Harris
The United States of America Vice-President Kamala Harris

Vice-President Kamala Harris

Vice President Kamala Harris served as District Attorney of San Francisco, Attorney General of California, and US Senator from California. In her role as Attorney General, she established the state’s first Bureau of Children’s Justice and instituted several first-of-their-kind reforms that ensured greater transparency and accountability in the criminal justice system. She also won a $20 billion settlement for Californians whose homes had been foreclosed on, as well as a $1.1 billion settlement for students and veterans who were taken advantage of by a for-profit education company. She defended the Affordable Care Act in court, enforced environmental law, and was a national leader in the movement for marriage equality. In the US Senate, she fought for better protections for DREAMers and called for better oversight of substandard conditions at immigrant detention facilities.

She was born in Oakland to parents who emigrated from Jamaica and India. She graduated from Howard University and the University of California, Hastings College of Law.

For more information: WhiteHouse.gov

Key Facts

Joe Biden Won

America voted and Joe Biden had the most votes in American history.

Donald Trump lost

Not surprising given he was incredibly divisive and always had high disapproval ratings.

Science is real

Humans walked on the moon, Earth is round, and climate change is real.

Democratic Issues

The Kendall County Democratic Party believes in the need for a well-functioning government that acts based on facts and evidence to preserve the life, health, and well-being of every person. The interdependence of every Texan on the actions of every other Texan challenges us to give of ourselves so that none of us fall. Together, we will overhaul the social contract and establish a new economic engine that allows all residents to thrive. (Preamble, Texas Democratic Party Platform)

Positions on the below issues adapted from the 2020 Texas Democratic Party Platform. Read more here.

“Local Control” means providing local governments (city councils and county commissioners courts) the legal ability to pass local regulations that meet local needs, including regulations to control real estate development. We believe that citizens should be able to object to harmful projects and actually have legal grounds to do so. Article on Local Control »

The Kendall County Democratic Party advocates for an end to racial and political gerrymandering by creating a nonpartisan redistricting commission.

The Kendall County Democratic Party believes that robust public and higher education opportunities are critical for our future. We believe a world-class education system is a moral imperative and an economic necessity. We must provide every Texas child the opportunity to receive the best education in the country from pre-K through postsecondary, including career and technical programs. The changing demographics of the Texas student population pose new challenges that must be met to keep the Texas economy strong and our communities prosperous. We must reverse the inadequate investment in public education that has created a persistent achievement gap for students of color, students with disabilities, and economically disadvantaged students. Every child should have access to an educational program that values highly-skilled teachers and encourages critical thinking and creativity, without the harmful impact of high-stakes standardized testing. We must instill in our students a sense of ethics and the importance of truth, the ability to work cooperatively, and the tools to analyze and assess the validity and importance of the information they receive, whether on paper, in the media, or on the Internet. The Kendall County Democratic Party supports the full, meaningful inclusion of Texas students with disabilities as a fundamental right. More thoughts on education »

The Kendall County Democratic Party believes in equal opportunity and freedom for all human beings – no matter a person’s race, disability, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic situation, or immigration status. We believe all people are equally deserving of dignity, respect, and equitable treatment. The Texas we deserve is free from violence and harm and yet a Black Texan was shot for simply being in his own apartment, Hispanic and Latinx Texans shopping in a Walmart were targeted by a gunman in El Paso leaving 23 people dead, Asian American and Pacific Islander Texans have been verbally and physically attacked while going about their daily lives, and trans women of color have been murdered at alarming rates. The same Texans that are often the targets of ignorance and hate are also disproportionately working on the front lines as low-paid essential workers most exposed by the current pandemic. The Kendall County Democratic Party will not ignore the unconscionable systemic disparities that ultimately leave us all behind. We stand together and amplify each other’s voices for a more equitable, just, and free Texas. More thoughts on equality »

The Kendall County Democratic Party believes the United States has always been a vibrant nation of immigrants. We value those who come from different countries and cultures. Immigrants add to the prosperity, innovation, and resilience of this great country. Immigrants hold professional jobs, teach in our educational institutions, own businesses, build our homes, grow our food, and work across industries. We believe in fostering better bilateral relationships with all nations including our southern neighbor with whom we share an expansive border. Importantly, viewing immigrants through the lens of fear and prejudice only serves to undermine our values, prosperity, and security as a state and as a nation. Our government’s failure to enact meaningful, long-term immigration reform has left us with the broken system we have today. Our country is stronger with a more fair and equitable immigration system. More thoughts on immigration »

The Kendall County Democratic Party believes our rural communities, along with the farmers, ranchers, small business owners, and others who live in them, deserve a bold political agenda to restore economic prosperity to the small towns and rural areas of our country. We support rural values of self-reliance and devotion to God and country, the preservation of private property rights and separation of church and state, and initiatives to revitalize rural America, including farm policies that restore fair prices from world markets and address the current credit crisis confronting American agriculture.

The Kendall County Democratic Party believes that the criminal justice system should treat all people fairly. We believe our justice system should be transformed to focus on barriers to justice, root causes of crime, and alternatives to imprisonment. Justice should not be measured by wealth and privilege. Fairness, due process, and equal protection should be the ultimate goals of the criminal justice system. We must address the institutional and implicit biases that lead people of color, people with disabilities, and low-income people to be prosecuted more harshly than whites and people without disabilities arrested for the same crimes, as well as the structural unfairness that exists for other vulnerable groups in our society – immigrants, members of religious minorities, veterans, and the LGBTQIA+ community. These problems are compounded for those who are vulnerable across multiple groups.

The Kendall County Democratic Party believes government exists to achieve together what we cannot achieve as individuals and that government must serve all people. A representative democracy is only truly representative if every single citizen is guaranteed the inalienable right to vote in fair and open elections. We believe the rights to vote, to participate in civic affairs, and to self-determination are inalienable and fundamental to a healthy and functioning representative democracy, especially in times of pandemic or other crises that threaten these foundations. Elections must be made secure and free of any and all encumbrances. Openness, accountability, and high ethical standards for elected officials and government agencies are paramount to ensure a level playing field and a government that is responsive to the needs of its citizens. More thoughts on voting »

The Kendall County Democratic Party believes healthcare is a right and that women’s rights are human rights. We support affordable, high-quality, universal healthcare, including moving towards publicly-funded healthcare. While 5 million Texans were already uninsured and lacked access to healthcare, the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated this crisis, with millions of Texans losing their employer-provided health coverage as a result of the economic downturn. Texas must fix this. We believe in a preventive-based healthcare system and public policy rooted in science. The government should not come between patients and their healthcare providers; but should instead focus on ending disparities for marginalized and underserved communities, and addressing critical issues including maternal mortality, mental health and substance use disorder services, rural hospital closures, and increasing funding for medical research. We must expand Medicaid, protect Medicare benefits, and make prescription drugs affordable for all. More thoughts on healthcare »

We believe government should reflect and respond to the people it serves and represents. That means campaign finance reform, nonpartisan redistricting, effective local control and improved transparency. More thoughts on accountability »

The Kendall County Democratic Party believes that we owe future generations a clean and healthy planet. We believe we should cherish our environment, and we are committed to preserving, protecting, and defending it. Climate change is real; and it threatens all that we value, from the health of our loved ones to the strength of our economy to the safety and security of Texans and all humankind. As the world’s leader in energy technology and innovation for the past century, Texas must now become the world leader in clean energy and environmental consciousness. Future generations demand this of us, and we must deliver. More thoughts on the environment »

The Kendall County Democratic Party believes peace, prosperity, and national security are best achieved by maintaining a strong national defense, promoting democracy, advancing development abroad, and supporting and engaging with the United Nations and its institutions. Our policies should prioritize prevention and diplomacy through our State Department, with military action used only as a last resort and authorized only as allowed by our Constitution. The Kendall County Democratic Party supports consistent diplomacy and development efforts abroad in coordination with our allies who promote freedom and justice, and strongly opposes the Trump administration’s actions that have driven out skilled diplomats and replaced them with partisan, ideologically-driven political appointees. More thoughts on security »

The Kendall County Democratic Party believes working Texans need income and employment that support their families during times of both prosperity and episodes of economic distress in our state’s history. We support policies and programs that promote jobs with good wages, benefits and safe working conditions; protect employees’ rights and dignity at work; and provide a safety net for the most vulnerable workers, while establishing the infrastructure for businesses to prosper.

The Kendall County Democratic Party supports the right of every American to own and bear arms as preserved in the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It is part of our heritage as Texans and Americans to own firearms to protect our families, homes, and properties. We support the ownership of firearms for personal protection, hunting, target competitions, and other recreational endeavors. As responsible owners of firearms, we want to preserve these rights while implementing prudent safeguards to prevent random gun violence, needless suicides, senseless mass murders, tragic accidents, and interpersonal violence. Therefore, we support prudent safeguards including background checks, appropriate waiting periods, and the compilation of a registry of people with a history of violence or domestic abuse, which promote public safety and assist law enforcement in ensuring guns are kept out of the hands of criminals or those known to be at risk for causing harm to themselves or others.

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