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We’re an active, growing team committed to building a more inclusive community, state and nation. Join us!

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Learn more about what we’re fighting for: accountability, civil rights, education, the environment, and more.

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The change we’re building starts at home. We’re working to make a difference for our own neighbors, in our own communities.

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We’re working on issues that matter right here in the Hill Country.

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Our counties and resource districts need the powers to develop and implement solutions that preserve the best of the Hill Country.

Environmental protection

We treasure the natural beauty of the Hill Country’s lakes, rivers, and natural spaces and work to protect them for future generations.

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Building the Bluebonnet Blue Wave

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We want the voice of every Kendall County citizen to be heard in local, state and national policies.


You make it happen: talking with neighbors, registering voters, organizing events, contacting elected officials.

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You power the movement, through recurring gifts, one-time donations, and fundraiser participation.

Latest News

KCDP in Newsweek!

This week, KCDP made it it onto national news! The article is titled “Texas Independence Campaigners Could Be Barred From Office” and it is written by James Bickerton. Click button below to go to the article. We are extremely proud of Laura Bray for championing this push and representing KCDP in such a positive way!!
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Grayscale photograph of factory with towers spouting emissions.

Progressive Views: COP 28 Climate Conference Yields Progress

COP 28 was held in Dubai and was chaired by the head of a national oil company. In addition to transition away from fossil fuels language, progress was made in a number of areas, including reduction of methane emissions (which account for about 30% of the Earth’s warming), increasing renewable energy, accelerating a switch to electric vehicles, and promoting carbon capture.  Nuclear fusion is in the news and may be a silver bullet longer term. Of course conservation could help a bunch.
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Small American flags and small flag buttons and Vote buttons on surface with hand reaching to pick up one Vote button.

Progressive Views: One More Chance to Vote, then the Democratic Convention

The early voting period for the 2024 Primary Election closed on Friday. If you didn’t vote early or send in your ballot by mail, you have one more chance to vote on Tuesday, March 5. Polls will be open from 7am-7pm. Kendall voters may vote at any of the eleven Voting Centers. You can find a list of polling locations on the website of the Kendall County Elections Office (KCEO). We need all local Democrats to vote in the Democratic Primary, so we can field the strongest slate of candidates for the November General Election. For more information on our activities, call our office at 830-331-1243 or visit
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We are proud to work together with many other organizations to promote Democratic values locally and nationally.

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