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Progressive Views: The Insidious Project 2025

Project 2025 (P25) is the published plan for an “ideal” America if a conservative wins the 2024 presidential election; they call it the “Mandate for Leadership: The Conservative Project.” P25 is spearheaded by the Heritage Foundation and is supported by more than 80 organizations. You need to be aware of P25 because it’s a plan for how the next Republican administration plans to gut our federal institutions and remake the nation into an authoritarian state. To read more about Project 2025 and other important Democratic issues, visit our Talking Points documents on our website at www.kcdems.us. 

County Chair Laura Bray
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Press Release: Laura Bray Elected as a Delegate to Democratic National Convention

Kendall County Democratic Party Chair Laura Bray Elected as a Delegate to Democratic National Convention At the Texas Democratic Convention on June 7, Kendall County Democratic Party (KCDP) Chair Laura Bray was elected as a Delegate to the Democratic National Convention, to be held in Chicago from August 19-22. Bray was one of only five […]

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Progressive Views: Just Say “No” (Again) to School Vouchers

Gov. Greg Abbott is boasting that he now has the votes to pass his “school choice” voucher program during next year’s session of the Texas Legislature. He’s confident because during the recent primary he ran a successful “revenge campaign” against incumbents from his own party who helped defeat vouchers during the last legislative session. This, despite consistent polling that shows a majority of Texans do not support vouchers. Democratic legislators will be our only line of defense to defeat them once again.

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Climate Change | Petroleum

Progressive Views: High Gasoline Prices – Who Should We Blame?

World markets determine the prices for most energy commodities with oil being the most important. The price of oil is the main factor affecting the price of gasoline and makes up about 50% of the cost of a gallon of gasoline. The other significant factors are margins, transportation, taxes, and refining operating costs. World crude demand is now about 102 million barrels per day and still growing slightly. We must move to renewables without forgetting the petroleum work

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Progressive Views: Working for All Americans

Several changes in Medicare and Medicaid services and broadband services have happened in recent months, including minimum staffing requirements for nursing care, capping insulin costs, and reclassifying broadband as a Title II telecommunications service.. These changes underscore the work the Biden-Harris administration is doing to help ALL Americans.

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Progressive Views: Cryptocurrency: A Scam that’s Costing Us All

Cryptocurrency mining companies can make more money from shutting down their power-hungry server farms, earning a payment from ERCOT (the entity that manages the Texas power supply), than they can make from generating actual crypto. Crypto mining is a scam enabling some private companies to make cartloads of money off the backs of Texas ratepayers and it is wrong.

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Progressive Views: Possible Clean Energy Solutions

Energy options such as hydrogen, geothermal, and fourth-generation nuclear power plants can help us get to net zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050. While it is the most abundant element in the universe, hydrogen has issues as well as being expensive, but it could be used in special applications. Geothermal is sustainable, environmentally friendly, renewable and always on. Nuclear energy can replace fossil fuel plants with zero carbon technology and be much safer and smaller.

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Progressive Views: Diversity is a Strength

DEI simply levels the playing field, so qualified people from less-than-optimum backgrounds have a fair chance to succeed. Helping those that have and are suffering discrimination is a strength, not a weakness. Diversity, equity, and inclusion programs help create a fairer environment to provide opportunities for individuals who need help. Attacking DEI is just another effort to divide the country. The essential elements for a democracy to function are civility and truth but we must also care about those less fortunate.

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Progressive Views: Getting to Work

This is the most important election in our lives. Our very democracy is at stake, and here in Texas, our leaders are racing each other further and further to the right. We must make sure every voter knows the stakes. So we’ll need everyone on board to help in one way or another. We are all those those thoughtful, committed individuals, and together, we can change things here in Kendall, in Texas, and nationally. We just need your help to do it!

KCDP in Newsweek!
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KCDP in Newsweek!

This week, KCDP made it it onto national news! The article is titled “Texas Independence Campaigners Could Be Barred From Office” and it is written by James Bickerton. Click button below to go to the article. We are extremely proud of Laura Bray for championing this push and representing KCDP in such a positive way!!

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