• Progressive Views: Diversity is a Strength

    DEI simply levels the playing field, so qualified people from less-than-optimum backgrounds have a fair chance to succeed. Helping those that have and are suffering discrimination is a strength, not a weakness. Diversity, equity, and inclusion programs help create a fairer environment to provide opportunities for individuals who need help. Attacking DEI is just another effort to divide the country. The essential elements for a democracy to function are civility and truth but we must also care about those less fortunate.

Find out more from the Texas Democratic Party and the Kendall County Elections Office about running for office.

Click here (Coming soon) to see a list of offices up for election in the November 2022 General Election to see what offices are available.

Get trained for success

  • The Texas Democratic Party and the National Democratic Training Committee offer training on all aspects of running a successful Democratic campaign.
  • In addition, a number of other committed organizations offer targeted training and tools designed to support women, young people, military veterans, alumni of service programs, and members of the LGBTQ or immigrant communities who are considering a run for office. Email us at kendalltxdemocrats@gmail.com for more information or suggestions.

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Leverage party resources

  • We can help connect local Democratic candidates to additional tools and support resources for identifying prospective voters, fundraising, and successful campaign operations. Contact us to learn more.

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