Progressive Views: The Four Freedoms

In his January, 1941 message to Congress, President Franklin Roosevelt ended his speech by explaining the concept of four freedoms. We had not entered World War II with the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor some ten months away. Today we continue to be tested both here and around the world to defend freedom. FDR’s message still rings true. The freedom of speech and worship, and from want and fear represent an ideal for humanity to realize. It is time to end extremism. It is time to replace hatred with kindness.

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Progressive Views: The Other America
Image by Timur Weber is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

Progressive Views: The Other America

Current bills in the Texas Legislature continue the inherent unfairness, poverty, racism and social disorder in our nation. Senate Bill (SB) 18, currently before the Texas Legislature, would abolish tenure in an effort to intimidate college educators to teach what folks in Austin want. House Bill (HB) 1804 would censor classroom lessons and ban books from schools and libraries, many of them about the experiences of people of color and LGBTQ folks. Bills like SB 8, which would steal money from our public schools to fund private school vouchers, is also a sad example of efforts to censor free speech. Students should receive a truthful education and access to books that reflect the diversity of our state and country. We simply do not have a level playing field but a nation where the “Rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” To make the “American Dream” real for everyone we must help the poorest among us to have access to decent housing, proper nutrition, and most of all quality education for the young.

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