4 thoughts on “Progressive Views: Public Education in Boerne”

  1. Sophia Waters’ entry is powerful! Hope it gets shared as much as possible. Send it to: Boerne ISD and ask that the Superintendent print it in newsletter; Texas Education Association; think there is a group of School Superintendents it could be shared with! Get it on social media…

  2. A top notch essay. Much research, foresight and intellectual emotion is apparent. As a retired Professor a student such as Ms. Waters was the kind of student I prayed to have in class. An article all need to read.

  3. Excellent essay. I have to admit I initially was rolling my eyes thinking what far out, ridiculousness a teenager submitting to the KC Democrats would say about public education especially on the heels of the recent front page story in the Boerne Star of the CHS and TX Tech grad coming back to BISD school board with some outrageous sex Ed recommendations to be taught to the high schoolers. Currently raising 4 teenagers at BHS and North, I found your essay to be spot on. I am always telling my overachiever, top 10 ranked child, to relax about the grades at the same time quietly calming my fears for the future of my very intelligent child who is in the bottom half of his class. You are exactly right about the “check the box” mentality that has permeated the students as well as the parents actions. Your future is very bright. It’s obvious. God bless you and keep you.

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