Writers Guidelines: “Progressive Views” Column

Thank you for your interest in writing for the “Progressive Views” opinion column, appearing every Friday in the Boerne Star. The content and topics are the responsibility of the Kendall County Democratic Party (KCDP); columns are “lightly” edited by the newspaper (if at all). Our goal is to raise the profile of the KCDP and our progressive issues with thoughtful, well-written columns on topics of interest. Past column topics have included:

Laura Bray maintains a complete archive of the articles (starting with the 2/9/18 issue).

Here’s how to write and submit a column:

  • Word count: no more than 750 words.
  • Choice of topic is totally up to you, the author. We find we get the best feedback (even from Republicans!) when taking a strong position on issues of local interest (responsible development, local control, etc.)
  • Grab the reader right from the start, and make your main point at the beginning. Use the rest of your space to amplify your position and provide justification. It’s helpful to keep any backup documentation on assertions you make in the article (“Sen. Donna Campbell accepted a campaign contribution of $5,000 from a local developer”) in case such assertions are challenged. 
  • Articles are due to Laura Bray (contact information below) no later than the Tuesday prior to publication, at noon. (A Microsoft Word document is preferred.) Please let Laura know if you’re planning to write a column and approximately when it will be ready; this helps with planning.
  • Laura will read your column before submitting to the editor of the Star, but she will not edit your content (unless specifically requested).
  • The Boerne Star will not print candidate endorsements. Their policy states that this type of content should be paid advertising. Also, they will not print “letters to the editor” from regular columnists.
  • Given publication timelines, it’s difficult to effectively cover a highly time-sensitive news issue. If your column topic is likely to be “overtaken by events” in a few days, please choose a different topic.
  • Please avoid name-calling, finger-pointing, and excessively negative content. If at all possible, avoid repeating (and therefore amplifying) Republican talking points.
  • Please include a head-shot, which will appear in the header of the column. (You only need to submit this once.)

Questions? Call/email Deputy Party Chair Laura Bray
210-884-6843 · LauraBray61@gmail.com

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