A Sad Day for the USA

Statement from Laura Bray, KCDP Chair
January 6, 2021 (4:00pm CST)

Riot mob in the halls of the US Capitol
“Terrorists in the Capital” by Pinke is licensed under CC-BY-NC 2.0

The Kendall County Democratic Party (KCDP) condemns today’s siege of the US Capitol by an insurrectionist mob. We call on the President to defend the Constitution, as per his oath, and demand an immediate dispersal of the crowd. We also condemn the actions of Sen. Cruz, whose objections to the Electoral College count helped to lead to this shameful event.

These disgraceful actions represent neither the values of most Texans nor most Americans. We insist the President and all political leaders — in both parties — denounce these actions and call at once for the crowd to leave the Capitol grounds.

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