by Mary Richards, M.Ed.
for the “Progressive Views” column, Boerne Star, January 18, 2019

Photo of spiderwebs on concertina wire
“Security” by Herr Olsen is licensed under CC-BY-NC 2.0

As I look back at 2018 there was one thought that was uppermost in my mind as I went about daily life. Am I secure? Am I safe? Is that border wall going to keep me safe? The answer always came back the same….NO! People who really want to come into the U.S. will not be deterred by a wall. Many underground roads have been built so that wall is a waste of money. So is shutting down the government the best way? The answer always comes back the same. No again. I am afraid. Security comes in many forms.

Adding that much debt for a wall only deepens the insecurity. The Republicans have always hollered about fiscal responsibility but actually do just the opposite. Republicans have added debt through shutting down the government, beginning an unwarranted war, electing someone who does not care about debt and even says so. After all, he won’t be around to see it. It then becomes the responsibility of the Democrats to come to the rescue. Debt only deepens a country’s vulnerability.

Our country was invaded by Russia in the last presidential election. Yet not one Republican is convinced that our country is at risk. Our homeland was invaded! Yet not one Republican will come near admitting the real problem is the president. They act deaf, dumb and without any action toward that incompetent guy. Even Vladimir Putin admitted what his country had done. Your security is at great risk.

Donald Trump refuses to use a secure telephone line. Only once on Fox News did I hear that issue reported. You probably missed it. Why isn’t everyone calling their elected officials and yelling about this? Every Russian, European, Asian and all others including the NRA know exactly what Trump is saying. They are delighted with his lack of concern for your security.

Are you afraid to send your children to their public school? Have you thought about how vulnerable you are in the shopping malls? How about in church? Trump has done nothing to help any of us feel physically, emotionally or financially secure.

There is security in earning a living wage, a minimum wage. Security is knowing that your healthcare will be available and not ravaged by the government. Our “used to be” allies in Europe provided a sense of security through NATO but that trust was breached last summer with Donald Trump’s scathing behavior.

There is security in knowing that your vote is valid when you mark that ballot. Not so anymore.

I’m quite certain you protect your personal information on your computer. Why wouldn’t you protect your country’s security through electing someone who cares?

Are you secure in the fact that Donald Trump takes a lot of his advice from the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Colter, and others in the reality entertainment world. You need to be afraid. An attack on our free press is always uppermost in the minds of these folks.

The only solace here is that the Democrats had an overwhelming victory in The House of Representatives this past November. There will be sweeping oversight of this president. Donald Trump has abused the American public and made each of us exist without any sense of security.

Oh, and how about your 401K? Is it currently secure with the stock market taking such a gigantic downward slide? Will that continue to add to your sense of insecurity? How about Social Security? The Republicans have hollered for years about wanting a new plan that will eventually destroy Social Security. You need to be afraid!

One last thought……….IS OUR DEMOCRACY SAFE? All of the above adds to the destruction of that democracy. What are you doing about it? Are you still supporting the likes of Trump and the Republican Congress who won’t stand up to him? Will our country follow the likes of other great societies that were destroyed by a few greedy, spineless so called elected officials. You need to be afraid but you also need to do something about it.

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