We're looking forward to 2020. Here's why.

Large group of attendees at the December 2019 ribbon-cutting for the new Boerne Democratic Headquarters.

In response to an unbalanced article in The Boerne Star regarding the lack of Democratic candidates in Kendall County’s upcoming 2020 elections, we at the KCDP thought we’d share our perspective on the situation since the editor chose not to include our statements in the article.

While there may not be any local level candidates, we have some seriously amazing candidates upstream. Our dedicated team of volunteers have committed to ensuring their success through a wide variety of activities. Let’s reflect upon and celebrate how hard these volunteers work.

We have an office with regular office hours. This required countless hours of fundraising activities, a dedicated group of monthly donors, and months of searching for locations. Staffing the office with volunteers and setting up scheduling tools were also implemented.

We have a visually stunning “living” website that is updated multiple times a week by a highly skilled webmaster with content generated by passionate and creative volunteer writers. Our website also offers critical voter information to all Kendall County residents.

Our team of precinct chairs spend weeks contacting local Democrats and encouraging them to vote for every election – big and small.

Speaking of precinct chairs, these volunteers also attend monthly committee chair meetings to update everyone on their activities. We also hold monthly media team meetings with volunteers who are charged with disseminating information to the public. On top of these meetings, the Boerne Area Democrats also hold monthly meetings – organized by volunteers – that feature timely/relevant speakers.

We also generate a weekly newsletter that needs to be curated and distributed by volunteers. The newsletter informs our subscribers of upcoming events and other important happenings — so if you’re not already receiving it, subscribe now!

The same is true for our social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Our engagement on social media is the highest of any political party in Kendall County. Our volunteers carefully curate news articles, events, and engaging content for our followers.

Not only do our volunteers work towards the KCDP’s goals, they also support Kendall County and Texas charities as a group. Just in the past two months, KCDP raised money for Hill Country Family Services on #GivingTuesday, the Boerne Area Democrats donated clothing and bedding to border refugees, and donated hundreds of pounds of pet food to the Kendall County Animal Shelter.

Isn’t it amazing how many hard-working people we have for such a small group? As a result of all this coordinated activity, our Democratic base in Kendall County continues to grow in numbers and active involvement. The Boerne Area Democrats had a membership of about 40 in mid-2017. It’s greater than 170 members now! More and more people sign up every month to further KCDPs core principles of Justice, Respect, Compassion, and Diversity. In short, we aren’t going anywhere! Join us!

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