Candidate Spotlight: Joe Biden & Kamala Harris

Candidate Spotlight: Joe Biden & Kamala Harris for President & Vice-President

Running for: President & Vice President of the United States

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have a strong vision to Build Back Better. Their plans include an economic recovery package for working families; creating racial equity across the economy; a robust education plan; working for sustainable infrastructure and a clean energy future; and more. 

At the Democratic National Convention, Harris said, “Right now, we have a president who turns our tragedies into political weapons. Joe will be a president who turns our challenges into purpose. Joe will bring us together to build an economy that doesn’t leave anyone behind. Where a good-paying job is the floor, not the ceiling.” 

Biden said, “America is at a time of real peril, but of extraordinary possibilities. We can choose the path of becoming angrier, less hopeful, and more divided. Or we can choose a different path, and together, take this chance to heal, to be reborn, to unite. A path of hope and light.”

“Character is on the ballot. Compassion is on the ballot. Decency, science, democracy. They are all on the ballot. Who we are as a nation. What we stand for. And, most importantly, who we want to be. That’s all on the ballot. And the choice could not be clearer.”

Joe Biden

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