Candidate Spotlight: Rebecca Bell-Metereau

Candidate Spotlight: Rebecca Bell-Metereau, State Board of Education

Running for: State Board of Education District 5

Why is this office important? The Texas State Board of Education sets curriculum standards for our K-12 schools and reviews and adopts instructional materials. There are 15 members, each elected from a district; District 5 covers central Texas. This Board is critical to what our children are taught in public schools.

Candidate Profile: Rebecca Bell-Metereau is an award-winning professor of English and film at Texas State University. She is dedicated to providing Texas schoolchildren with a 21st Century education and is committed to reducing our over-reliance on high-stakes testing. She will also ensure that our $46 billion Permanent School Fund is invested wisely and used solely to improve public education in Texas.

Running for this same office in 2016, Rebecca came within four points of beating the extreme right-wing creationist incumbent. Her opponent this year is also a creationist, anti-sex education, and doesn’t believe slavery was the cause of the civil war.

“I feel hope for the future. America seems to be waking up to reality. With COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter, people are beginning to care about each other more, rely on science more, look at the evidence and see that we need to improve as a society. We can do it, and education is key. Let’s get State Board of Education right in 2020!”

Rebecca Bell-Metereau

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Rebecca joined Kendall County Democrats on Thursday July 23 for a Facebook Live conversation co-hosted by Leah Rosenberger and Erin Davis. You can watch the video below, or on Rebecca’s Facebook page.

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