Project LIFT for Local Candidates

Want to run for local office? Sign up to connect with the candidate services team at the Texas Democratic Party (TDP).


To run for office in Texas you’ll need to meet basic requirements for the position you’re seeking, including age, citizenship status, residency and other requirements. For more information, visit the Elections Department of the Texas Secretary of State.

I’m Interested! How Can You Help?

LIFT-recognized candidates will receive:

  • Public recognition by TDP as a Project LIFT candidate (if requested);
  • Campaign-specific help with strategy;
  • GOTV and volunteer recruitment emails from TDP to our list;
  • Opportunity to obtain a VAN license;
  • Lists of registration opportunities (NCOA);
  • Voter targeting guidance;
  • Lists of TDP donors in your district;
  • Prioritized access to Texas Democratic Party campaign-support staff;
  • Access to the TDP-negotiated rates for peer-to-peer texting.

How Do I File to Run?

If you’re running for a position that falls on the May 4, 2019 uniform election date, your deadline to file an application for a place on the ballot is February 15, 2019 at 5:00 pm with:

  • (For city council) your local city clerk or secretary;
  • (For school board) the secretary of your school board’s district;
  • (For other districts) the secretary of the local district.

NOTE: You’ll need to appoint a campaign treasurer before accepting or spending $500 on your campaign. Sign up
for a checklist of key actions that you’ll need to take to launch your campaign!

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