Candidate Spotlight: Staci Williams

Candidate Spotlight: Staci Williams for Texas Supreme Court, Place 7

Running for: Texas Supreme Court, Place 7

Why is this office important?

The Texas Supreme Court is the court of last resort for all civil matters in Texas. The Court chooses which cases it will hear. (The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals is the appeals court for criminal matters.) The Texas Supreme Court has a Chief Justice and eight other justices, all elected statewide.

Currently, all judges on the Court are Republican (with one vacancy). We need Democratic judges on this Court to ensure the fair and equitable application of justice.

Why we support Staci

Judge Staci Williams is a two-term Judge of the 101st District Court in Dallas County. This court handles primarily commercial, personal injury, medical malpractice, real estate, oil and gas and consumer disputes. Judge Williams ensures that the 101st District Court is the “Court of Choice” for all parties, attorneys and citizens. She is dedicated to improving the judicial process with fairness and efficiency.

“It is time that the Supreme Court of Texas has justices who have real life experience, who understand the needs of the working people of Texas, and who reflect the diversity of this State.”

Staci Williams

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